Welcome to MineAdventure!

What is MineAdventure?
MineAdventure is a newly created server with custom-made minigames, we create these games ourself, our goal is to get as many custom made minigames as possible! We also got a custom survival server with custom mobs, a custom map and much more, you should check it out!

What about ranks?
We've also got a few donation ranks, if you plan to buy a rank, you will get some more functions ingame, like voting for a map in a minigame or kits in custom survival and some more functions!

How can I join?
You can join our server in 1.8.8 and 1.12.2, with the ip: play.mineadventure.net!

Does MineAdventure have a discord server?
Yes we do! If you would like to join, please use this link: https://discord.gg/RprjGtw

I've got a cool idea for a minigame!
Cool! If you want you can post it in the suggestions forum, if your game is accepted you will get a donation rank for free!

What if I find a bug?
Please post this in the bugs section on the forum, abuse of this bug will result in a ban! We will thank you with a free rank if you post a bug!

Whats next?
Join us via play.mineadventure.net! We hope to see you in our server!